Silent Meditation Retreat: Guide to the Mindful Way of Life.  

Please click here for the next Silent Retreat in West London.

The Richmond venue detailed below is currently closed for extensive refurbishment, with no indication as yet as to when they will reopen. In the meantime we are using a venue close by which you can find details of here. The next Silent Meditation retreat at this aforementioned venue will be on Saturday 18th March, 2023.


Experience a day of Mindspace in the beautiful Richmond-upon-Thames; a perfect place for a quiet retreat in London. Your silent retreat location is positioned on the tranquil Retreat Rd, a short walk to the River Thames and Richmond Park. The retreat is based on the mindful meditation practices detailed in the book, Guide to the Mindful Way of Life, which you can find details of here.

• 10.15-4.30pm
• On this day you can enjoy complete silence to help you gain a deeper experience of meditation.
• Including guided meditations, walking meditation & teaching.
• Between each session, there will be refreshments and time to relax in the beautiful surroundings.
• Please bring a packed lunch, refreshments are provided.
• The whole day costs £35 or £46 if you wish to also have a copy of the book.
• You can pay via PayPal below (includes small booking fee).


Take a break from the stress of modern life – experience focus, calm and stress relief.

Retreat Venue: Richmond Friends Meeting House, Retreat Road, Richmond Upon Thames, (See map below).

Please familiarise yourself with the location to avoid getting lost on the day. Set out in good time so you arrive at the retreat nice and relaxed.

Take a deep breath, let go, rest and recharge your mind on a silent retreat.

This retreat is suitable for beginners with a little experience, whether through attending a beginners class or practicing with and app, and also will suit those with a deeper experience who wish to refresh their experience of Mindful Meditation and spend time in silence with a group of practitioners.

Guided by Adam Dacey with rich experience of guiding day, week and month retreats in the UK, USA, India & Europe.

All those who attend will take home a deeper experience of Mindful Meditation along with practices they can continue with at home.

There will be chance at the beginning and the end of the retreat to ask questions and discuss if necessary. The rest of the day there wil be no talking other than in the guided sessions by the teacher, this helps to deepen your experience of the practices. Please get in touch with any questions about the retreat.

Upon booking you will receive further detailed instructions and some suggested guided meditations to engage in before the retreat.


The retreat timetable will follow this schedule:

10.15-11.30am: Session 1
12.00-1.00pm: Session 2
2.00-3.00pm: Session 3
3.30-4.30pm: Session 4


Venue for Silent Retreat.