Hello and welcome to this brief video where I am going to talk about the benefits of finding a quiet place to meditate.

On this channel so far we have talked about integrating meditation into our daily life. An essential component of our training.

Most people live in a busy location and busy life.

Mindful Meditation can be introduced with a skilful approach.

One minute mindfulness, is an essential way to remember some wisdom that we can integrate into our daily life.

Just for one minute a day – we have to start somewhere.

In the beginning make it light, this is what I always say and make it easy for yourself.

As time goes on increase the length of your practice.

Retreats are done in quiet locations, why as there are less distraction.

Find a quiet location. Why – there are less distractions.

In the past practitioners meditated in a cave.

Historically practitioners meditated in caves.

This is where I currently am.

Historically great practitioners like Milarepa meditated in a cave.


1) Quiet

2) Well insulated

3) In hot climates very cool

4) Very private and can help to encourage concentration and focus.

Many people say ‘you don’t need to go into a cave to meditate’.

It is one of these line that is delivered in the modern self help movement.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t or not to seek out quiet locations to meditate.

Seek out locations where practitioners from the past have trained

Special energy in these places where practitioners from the past have practiced.

On retreat we step back from busyness to consolidate and strengthen your practice.

Practice builds up in daily life

You go on retreat to gather essential training and increase its power

You go onto retreat with a mind of compassion.

In that quiet location for the benefit of others.

Training your mind to become concentrated and focus.

Ultimately when you come out of retreat the people you live with will benefit.

In the forefront of ones mind is the intention of compassion.

Then we can utilise the power of this retreat.

In nature with various wildlife with a mind of compassion we can keep a peaceful mind.

Understanding that fear is a state of mind – fear arises when we becomes focused on ourself. The mind of compassion is a very powerful way to reduce and overcome fear.

Seek out a quiet location specifically to emphasise the practice of concentration. Whether in a spare room, garden, park, even go on a trip.

If we wish to emphasise concentration its essential to train in concentration.

So we are looking at meditation practice from a different angle.

Not saying you need to come to a cave to meditate. Just encouraging quiet practice.

Just sitting quietly.

Being in nature, being somewhere natural has a very peaceful, powerful effect on our mind.

Leave our troubles behind.

Not to be afraid of peace and silence.

Seek it out and use if for our own benefit and the benefit of others.