Here is a post that I shared on this day 9 years ago.

Happy Valentines Day – a tradition for centuries where lovers share their affection and thoughts together.

One person said to me the other day “I hate Valentines Day” – haha yes well a day is what you make of it!

The day in itself is open to interpretation.  So on this day I wanted to talk about equality and love.

Most of the problems and difficulties that we experience in human relationships come from issues that we have with equality.

All wars stem from a mind that is imbalanced, close to some and distant to others.  Based upon this we draw some close, push others away and extend an indifference to those who don’t fall into those categories. This happens in families, streets, within religions, between sport supporters.  It occurs between different race, creed, colours.

Division is a very powerful tool for disharmony, as we can see within the problems of our society.  Often we look to others to solve the problem, to change their behaviour to create new rules to solve these issues within our society.

A meditator takes a different approach – the approach is to lead from the front and to show by example.  We can change the world that we live in by beginning to change our mind.

Do we have inequality within our mind?
Is our mind uneven and unbalanced?

We can check quietly in meditation – unless we have trained our mind of course it is inevitable that our mind is imbalanced.

We can make a difference by balancing and equalizing our mind and thoughts towards others.

Simply through making a firm decision within our consciousness, we can move forward spiritually.

Love and affection can be shared with many people – we can start with those who are closest to us and extend this experience out towards others – those we see on the street, around the town, on the television, those we think about.

We can make a start in sharing our love with more and more people.

To do this successfully and continuously first of all we have to address our own mind honestly. Discovering what states of mind we have in there that prevent this development. Nobody has the power or ability to stop us from loving them – we make that decision.