On the 12th January we visited the Gymbox HQ in Central London to deliver a half day of Mindful training to their team.

In at least one sentence, please provide some feedback on the course, (including: Adam as the facilitator, the structure, amount you learnt or perhaps didn’t learn).

Adam was absolutely brilliant, he taught very simple but highly effective techniques to help facilitate a sense of inner peace and mindfulness in every day life. I love that the techniques can be used anywhere and at any time. He also taught us to embrace the present moment and use our surroundings to facilitate a sense of peace.

It was nice to meet up with a group of people for such insightful purpose.

The workshop made me really calm and chilled. Looking forward to try those practices on a daily basis.

It was a great session. I learnt a lot.

Adam was great, very engaging yet calm throughout. There was structure and all was delivered naturally rather than having loads of documents or handouts to follow and read which was great. I have taken a lot away from this session, definitely positives and practices that I will look to use in my day to day life and if/when times get particularly tough. Really enjoyed this course. Great introduction to mindfulness which I am trying to be more aware of. Adam was great and met all of my expectations – his way of explaining the practice, calm speaking manner, voice tone really helped me be more present whilst at the course.

Would you recommend this course to your fellow colleagues?

Yes definitely however only to those who actually had an interest in this or open to learning these sorts of practices. I think certain people may just not engage with something like this and therefore gain no benefit and potentially affect others who would partake at the same time

Definitely. Already recommending it to my friend that suffers from panic attacks.





Thanks very much for organising it! Great course.

Thank you again for arranging this! Keep them coming!

Please do another.

Just a massive thank you to Sarah for arranging the course and to Adam for such an interesting and informative course. It is already having a very healthy impact in my life. Thank you!

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