I often say in the live classes that I teach that we need to make the attainment or experience of happiness easy.

When we rely on external factors, external things to make us happy, it becomes very complex and long-winded to find any real lasting peace and satisfaction.

This is why we turn inwards in meditation, why we turn to our mind, we turn to positive states of mind to provide us with the experience of happiness that we are looking for.

If we can learn to turn our mind inwards when we are looking for happiness we will start to make the attainment of happiness and peace simple for ourselves.

No longer will it be complex or drawn out, no longer will it depend on external factors; such as our relationship, work, finances, physical health.

We will begin to understand that our happiness depends upon internal factors, it arises as a result of what is happening within us, and we can start to be in control of this through training our mind.

If we can work with the two states of mind of appreciation and acceptance and start to familiarise ourselves with them, swiftly happiness will come into our mind.

Acceptance is a mind that is linked with the attitude of patience.

Acceptance is a mind that is prepared to accept our current circumstances.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t make changes outside of ourselves, but it is accepting what we currently have at this moment.

That mind of acceptance is key if we are interested in being mindful and interested in living in the present moment.

It is challenging to live in the moment if we are not accepting of the moment, always feeling that it needs to be improved by some external change.

Acceptance is key for our inner happiness.

Acceptance and appreciation.

Appreciation is where we are able to open our wisdom eye or our third eye.

We are able to use the wisdom that we have in our mind to realise what we already have.

It is the mind of attachment which makes us feel that as though we need more things in our life, we always need something new.

The grass looks greener mentality. The fear of missing out on something that is happening outside of us.

The mind of wisdom which helps to appreciate what we currently have.

What we currently have is rich. We have breath in our body. We are alive. This is the foundation for everything.

Based on this appreciation we can look around at all the other things we have.

Instead of looking at what we don’t have, which causes discontent and confusion, and a myriad of agitated states of mind, we look at what we currently have and we allow appreciation to arise in our mind.

If we can work with the two minds of acceptance and appreciation during the year, we can make it very simple for ourselves to experience happiness.