In my local shop which I tend to visit most days, there is a very friendly member of staff.

Today as I went in he was helping a lady who was struggling to pack her bags, carefully, slowly being of any assistance he can.

Then a few minutes later after serving an elderly lady he helped her carry all her bags out to the car and then pack them in the car for her, whilst there was a queue of people standing waiting to be served.

When it was my turn to be served I said to him that he ‘was a good lad!’

He smiled and said – ‘you have to be, life is too short to be nasty!’

He is one of the happiest members of staff in the shop and appears to becoming happier by the day, being nourished by his good nature and positive attitude.

In any situation we can choose what tone to follow and react with.

If we wish to move towards a happy mind and to make the most of our life it makes perfect sense to make the decision to stay positive.