On the silent retreat in Malvern we have a very quiet location on the north-eastern face of the Hills, I hope one day you can experience this beautiful, peaceful spot.

Mostly the sounds that one can hear are birds tweeting.

From time to time a small plane passes overhead.

You can hear as it approaches, then when above the venue the noise increases, it passes and fades into the distance.

Very similar to our thoughts.

They arise and dissolve.

In the space of the mindful mind we can observe thoughts as they come and go, if we are relaxed we gain objectivity and insight that we are far more than they are.

This insight helps to cultivate emotional intelligence, which means in our daily life we can decide which thoughts to be under the influence of and which thoughts to let pass.

We can start to liberate our self from negativity and allow uplifting, positive attitudes to arise.

Our mind is like a vast blue sky, our thoughts are similar to planes passing across.

Sometimes when the sky is blue and there is a plane high up it can even be relaxing to watch and observe its path; so the more we can relax into the present moment then the process of watching thoughts can induce well being and inner bliss.