I had spent the whole day in the Malvern hills guiding a silent retreat, it was a beautiful, peaceful, harmonious experience.

Upon returning home I went for a short walk in my local area.

As I was walking past the shops a man walked directly towards me very quickly and said,

‘Get out of the ******* way’

He was obviously in a rush and hurried quickly past.

I walked on and reflected on gratitude.


I offer thanks to this man for helping me to stay mindful, come into my life just after the silent retreat to check to see if the practices had worked!

If we go on a retreat and can then carry our practice into daily life, then the retreat will have great value.

1. I could  think, what a rude, negative man.

2. I could think, what a kind man, wish him all the best on his way and hope that he can find peace in the future.

The second option, brings peace into the mind and peace into the world.

The first simply brings everything down.

We can take the grateful option or the ungrateful.

The decision is ours in each moment.

With a little awareness, rudeness and negativity can guide us into to a peaceful, happy life.