When we rise in the morning we notice our breathing.

Following its flow then allow the mind of thanks to arrive for being alive.

We then offer thanks to our parents, grandparents, ancestors who have providing us with this body our life and all the opportunity it affords.

We let our mind be influenced by this incredibly positive emotion of thankfulness.

We all have this mind and positive attitude.

When we train the mind we are deliberately cultivating this state and encouraging our self to be under the influenced of it through the day.

There is no opportunity during the day when we can’t offer thanks.

What this approach does is uplift our mind,  we learn to seek out the good and positive, moving away from the negative.

In any situation we can look at what we don’t have and feel happy or look at what we have and offer thanks.

Thanks comes from time to time, when we are on the receiving end of others kindness, we naturally say ‘thank you’.

What we try to do when we train in thankfulness is to bring this mind out as often as possible.

With mindfulness training we bring our attention to each moment.

We can influence our awareness with thanks, in this way the mind naturally transcends and our emotions and moods follow an upward trajectory.

We can offer thanks in each moment whatever we are doing and whenever we can.

There is always an opportunity to offer thanks, if we do the doorway to great happiness and good fortune becomes wide open for us and all those we connect with.