In the morning I prepare a flask of tea.

Pouring hot water into the container I add a tea bag and let it infuse for around 10 minutes.

More often than not I will use green-tea.

During the day I enjoy the flavour of that tea, the water having been infused by the bag for a short time in the morning, retains the flavour.

Whenever I feel thirsty I will pour from the flask, the water tastes of green tea, due to it being infused at the beginning of the day.

In the same way I recommend infusing your mind with positive, peaceful thoughts in the quiet space of meditation.

If you can do this first thing, then you can benefit continually throughout your day, you can drink from this experience and maintain a happy, uplifted approach.

We can think in the space of meditation as we breathe in:
Today I am going to have a happy day.

As we breathe out:
I am going to let go of stress and negativity.

We do this in the concentrated space of meditation to infuse our mind, then during the day we pause and taste this again and again, whenever we are thirsty for a happy mind.

Perhaps when we turn our computer on, as we sit down at our desk, mindfully breathing in, feel:
Today I am going to have a happy day.

Mindfully breathing out:
I am going to let go of all my stress and negativity.

Thus we start our working day with an uplifted, happy attitude, we try remember and drink from our infusion as often as we possible whenever we wish to flavour our day with happiness.

Infuse first thing in the morning, enjoy continually, as your day ends, make the intention again and let your mind infuse through the night…