Going into nature can be therapeutic, especially if we live in a built up, urban environment.

Just listening to the sounds around us can draw our mind into the present moment.

We start to naturally slow down and breathe deeper.

We are influenced by the organic growth around us.

When a cherry blossom tree is in bloom, in season, it does not struggle, it is naturally nourished by its roots.

It remains in one place, growing each year.

We can reflect that it is our time to bloom and be in season.

To ripen we do not need to push or rush, we let it arise naturally by stepping back and being rooted to the present moment.

Our connection with the present can provide us with great power and energy to grow thus letting our potential and positivity bloom.

We sit and connect with where we are, allowing our practice to influence our body and mind.

Then we carry this awareness into our daily existence.

Letting our life blossom and be nourished by our roots to the present.

A.D – 7/05/18