If Not Now, When?

by Adam Dacey | Mindspace

This week across the West Midlands we have launched a new term, with beginners attending mindful classes and those with a little more experience attending the mindspace+ course where the theme is happiness.


We have been exploring ways to bring our attention into the present moment.


In the beginners classes a lot of new people came for the first time, getting that taste, even just a glimpse of being in the present moment, a small glimpse of being in the present moment, an appreciation for the richness of our life.


We don’t need to expect great things from our practice initially, just to be happy that we have made the effort to engage.


We have to build gradually.


One gentlemen asked in the class this week, I can’t switch off in meditation. 
What would you say to him?


We are adopting the attitude where we can let our thoughts pass.


We are happy just to sit quietly and let our thoughts pass.


The stone on the floor of the river.


The river is just flowing continuously, the stone is just there, abiding.


We try to learn how to sit.


We can’t stop the river from flowing.


We try just to be happy in watching.


When we start to watch we can begin to step back and be objective.


When our mind can be objective, we can get some insight into our thoughts.


Appreciate we are not the thoughts that are passing through our mind.


This can bring tremendous freedom and liberation.


In the happy course we have been sharing, discussing and meditating on the foundation for a happy mind and life.


Coming to the conclusion that the foundation for happiness is having a peaceful mind.


Asking our self the question:
‘If not now, when?’


Why do I have to wait to be happy.


Why do I have to go through this list of jobs and accomplishments before I am happy


We can be happy.


We have the capacity to be happy, right now.

If we can be think about our life in a skillful way we can be happy right now.

Enjoy the pacification of the stress and anxiety.


We are going on an inner journey.


Happiness from within.


Great potential to be happy.


When we have unhappy thoughts we can let those thoughts pass.


A big part of being happy is learning to encourage our self.


We start to get out of the habit of discouraging our self.


We grow our positive actions.


Encouragement is the key to get started and to grow the happiness within.