Having thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from both the beginners and mindspace+ courses with Adam, I was very much looking forward to experiencing a silent retreat.  It was both a joy and a challenge.  I found it liberating to be silent, not feeling the pressure to fill the void.  The retreat location was perfect, hidden amongst the trees and filled with the sounds of nature.  The challenge came in trying to keep the ever busy mind from wandering, some days it comes more easily than others.  At the end of the day I felt as though I had been hit with a furry sledge hammer, shattered but deeply peaceful.  I continue in my quest to develop a daily meditation habit, because I know that it brings a soothing and healing force in to my life to share with others.
Adam is a truly inspirational teacher, who never fails to make me laugh and I very much look forward to experiencing another retreat in the near future and cannot recommend it highly enough.
Lisa – attendee at the Malvern Retreat.