One of the things about Silent Retreat.

We can almost take it a bit too seriously.

It almost feels sombre.

As the day goes on, you are sitting there all silent.

If we are not skilful we feel really serious about what we are doing.

If you like, maintain a sense of joy,

You have the opportunity to be silent,

We don’t have that much of an intimate relationship with silence.

If you are having a difficulty in your relationship and not sure what to say.

There can be a power behind our silence.

If someone is silent we may wonder what the matter is.

Our society gives points to gregarious, talkative people.

The quiet ones, often get ignored.

We feel under pressure not to be quiet.

Not quite sure how to be quiet.

When we are quiet, there is a noise behind the quiet.

A noisy type of quiet.

We are deliberately being quiet.


So we can experience peace.

Positive quiet.

Mindful quiet.

Deliberate quiet.

Not motivate by confusion.

We can be confident that the people around us are the same.

They have decided to be quiet today.

It is a wonderful thing to do.

You may find that once you have done this you get the quiet bug.