‘This 8 week course has had nothing but positive impacts on my life and, by the sounds of it the same result has been reached by all others who took part on the course with me. In 8 weeks I have listened and made notes on the classes and have found the following impacts: I am more calm and thoughtful, I listen to others with greater care, I take more notice of my body’s needs, I can deal with stressful situations with more ease, I feel more determines to enjoy all aspects of life and I spend more of my day ‘awake’.

Each week focuses on a different aspect of meditation and the body which all link together to create a more mindful and peaceful life. Adam starts each class with a meditation and then, in the most wonderfully calm way takes the class in a new direction and gets the class thinking about the way we live our lives. He explains the importance of the practices and how it can benefit us and then teaches a new practice to try.

The explanations are always clear but if you are un-sure Adam is more than willing to answer any questions. Each week I come out feeling like a different person with a new outlook to consider and reflect upon.

This course if perfect if you just want an hour relaxation each week, to take yourself away from the stress of life and calm your mind and body. If you want to take this further like I did, you slowly incorporate each practice into your day-to-day life. In doing this, it is almost like looking in a whole new light. I now wake up 20 minutes earlier each day to spend 5 minutes stretching and 15 minutes meditation. I then spend more time eating and enjoying my food without being distracted from modern technology which was a regular occurrence before. This gives me a great start to the day and energises me for the tasks ahead.

This course doesn’t just help with the mind, it takes you into the realisation of how we can tune ourselves to know the body to see what it needs and when it needs rest. Some practices also include ways to relax the body which is constantly under tension without us realising it.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone whether you want to reduce stress, develop and expand your mind, know your body more, relax or just give meditation a go.’

Rich Scholes – Solihull, 8 week mindfulness course – Jan/Feb 2017

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