Saturday Zen and Winter Walk
Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Come and join the Sunday Zen for two hours.
This is your opportunity to gain an experience of Zen Mindfulness in a relaxed environment.
Combine sitting and walking meditation and enjoy abiding in the present moment.

Followed by a winter walk 3.4 miles to the location, 6.8 miles round trip, mostly flat) along the Smethstow Nature Reserve to The Greyhound in Lower Penn for drinks and a sandwich. Or walk there and share a lift back! Can’t manage the walk?  No problem, just meet us there one hour after we set off. Or skip the walk completely and go home after the session 🙂 

Reserve your seat via PayPal for £10.00. (plus small booking fee).


Saturday, December 15th: 10am-12.30pm


Wildside Activity Centre,
Hordern Road,
Whitmore Reans,


What happens in each session?

Session 1:
Introduction: A brief introduction with Adam from Mindspace
First Meditation:  Fifteen Minutes
Walking Meditation:  Ten Minutes
Second Meditation:  Fifteen Minutes

Tea Break & Refreshments

Session 2:
 A brief introduction with Adam from Mindspace
First Meditation:  Ten Minutes
Walking Meditation:  Ten Minutes
Second Meditation:  Fifteen Minutes

Conclusion & Smile and the take a walk along the Smethstow Valley Local Nature Reserve

Each session usually begins with a spoken introduction to the practice.

The meditation sessions are unguided and a bell is used to help bring your awareness to the present moment.

One bell sounds to indicate five minutes have passed. Three bells ring to indicate it is time to either start or end a session and proceed to the next step.

In each sitting session, we practice zazen meditation.

Abiding in the present moment, through following the sensation of the breath.

It may be helpful when you start, to practice counting the breath.

We inhale and count one when we exhale.

We count like this following the natural sensation of the breath for ten rounds, we start again from zero. We train like this until our mind is suitably focused.

After the first twenty minute session, we pause our sitting practice and engage in mindful walking around the room.

We breathe in, raise our foot, take a step, as we breathe out we place our foot on the floor.

We proceed slowly like this around the room for ten minutes until we hear three bells.

We then sit for another fifteen minutes following the bells.

The bells guide the meditation sessions, so please listen carefully to the introduction at the beginning of the session, as there is no other guidance through the session.

Posture:  When practice zazen meditation please sit in an upright, relaxed posture.

You can sit in a chair, with both feet resting on the floor and your back straight.

Or cross-legged on the floor in the lotus position.  If this is not comfortable, you can try the half lotus posture or simply sit cross-legged.  Making sure both knees are connected to the floor.