Dear friends,

Below is the audio content from the MINDFUL listening class this week.

In the first week, there is a slightly longer talk and less guided practice, as it is the introductory session.

You can listen to the entire introduction, which is the first track.

The second track is for one minute – ideally to practice on the go, when you are short of time.

The third track offers a ten-minute guided practice.

The fourth track is a twenty-five minute guided practice.

The fifth track provides you with a slightly longer practice, which includes a fifteen minute guided track and then another fifteen minutes of unguided time with a bell that rings every five minutes to remind you of your progression.

Stream online by pressing the play button.

Download to your computer or mobile, click on the arrow in the right-hand corner of the player and you access offline.

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If you are listening on a smartphone, the audio player will say ‘Play in Sound Cloud App’, try not to press this, but press the smaller button below which says ‘Listen in Browser.’  This means that you can listen to the practices without leaving this page.




Further Practices.

How to Listen Completely – A Series of Seven Practices