The Meditation Group from October 2022 retreat

Welcome to these light, relaxing, fun, half-day retreats, suitable for beginners and those who wish to gain a deeper experience. Learn a series of practical, meditation techniques, helping you reduce stress, increase wisdom and find inner calm. Take a breather from the busyness of modern life!

Dates in 2024:

Saturday, March 24th: Moonlight Meditation – Half Day Meditation Retreat – Edgbaston Meeting House
Saturday June 15th: Guide to the Relaxed Way of Life – Half Day Meditation Retreat – Kings Heath Meeting House
Saturday October 19th: Half Day Meditation Retreat – Kings Heath Meeting House 

Half Day Meditation Retreats in Birmingham


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Book in advance above.
Please note if you have booked for this terms Mindful or Mindspace+ courses this retreat is included.

Typical Timetable either from 10-1pm or 2-5pm

2pm-3pm: Session 1
3.45-4.45pm: Session 2
5pm: Depart with a peaceful mind!


Each session includes a presentation and guided practice. The retreat is recorded and sent to you via email.

Guided by Adam Dacey, founder of Mindspace, with experience of Meditation guiding his way of life since 1994.

For full day retreats please click here.

Meditation group at the end of a retreat in 2017