Let’s take a look at how Meditation and Mindfulness techniques can help us progress through our working day.


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Try to start your day with a sitting practice, whether it’s for one, three, five, fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes.

This will guarantee that the other practices recommended below will have power behind them.

Once you finish your training, make a determination to carry your practice during the day.

Reflect on the thought,  ‘success can be measured in many ways, depending on the individuals perception, one way to view success, is being able to keep a peaceful mind in challenging circumstances.’


However you travel to work, take your commute as an opportunity to notice the new in the ‘ordinary’.

If you’re traveling by public transport look around you and notice what is beyond the normal routine.

Look beneath the surface of your reality and you can see a whole new world in each moment.

Notice if your mind gets agitated and distracted and instead of following it, bring your attention back into the present moment.


Tech. in itself is not distracting, it’s how we relate to it.

So when you find yourself glancing at your phone or getting sidetracked on the computer.

Bring your attention into your body and notice your breathe for a few moments – ask yourself the question can I do something more creative with my time here.


Everyday we have to wait. This can be a fantastic opportunity to stop and have a short unwind. Even just for a few seconds. Instead of allowing waiting in a queue or for a work colleague to arrive – to wind the mind up – take the opportunity to unwind the mind, by stepping back and bringing yourself into the present moment and reconnecting.

So when you see the internet trying to load or you are caught at a red light, bring your attention to the natural breathing and release the build up of tension as you exhale.


Many of our daily frustrations come from our interactions with others. One positive foundation for our relationships is to develop the wish for others to be happy and free from problems. This can be our first thought towards others, when we think, see or hear them.

So whether we are interacting via the net or in person this can be the underlying current of energy.  This approach has a remarkable effect on how we progress through the day.


Take them!

Tea break, lunch break, afternoon break, exercise break. Step back from your work, desk, computer, diary, list and let yourself kick back with a drink or lunch and unplug the mind from the tasks at hand. Chew that food and smell that coffee!

This refreshes the mind and brings positivity into our experience.

It also helps brings us into a creative space, as opposed to just be producing all the time.

We are human beings not machines. Stepping back during the day allow our creative juices to flow.


Each day allow your mind to relax and let go of your work. Whether this is practicing meditation, taking some exercise, or spending time with friends or children and not talking about work.

Enjoy your time on this planet, life is short and the time we have left is unknown.

Each day can bring great experience and fulfillment if we are present with our activities.

Engaging in other activities out of work helps to refresh our experience.


At the end of the day, enjoy the opportunity to disconnect from work and emails and enjoy some downtime at home.
Time to chill at the end of the day, restores energy and focuses our mind for the next day.


We can experience peace. If we spend a little time at the end of the day making peace with our self and the world around us, by training in a short practice. Then we will sleep better, have more peaceful dreams and wake up smiling.

Best wishes and success in your working life


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