In July 2015 I introduced essential Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to around 60 members of staff at the Refugee Action Conference at Keele University. Here is the feedback from Lyn Adams, Assistant to the CEO and other members of staff.  Contact us if you would like to bring Mind Space into your office….

“The mindfulness man was particularly ace. We’d like him installed in the corner of our office please.”

“I think quite a few of us were quite stressed when we got to Adam’s workshop – we had just heard that many of us were facing redundancy at the end of the year.  In just 75 minutes, Adam guided us with grace and humour through an appreciation of the benefits of mindfulness (partly through the medium of eating a chocolate button!), and we still try to remind each other of the practice.  We carried out a formal feedback exercise, and overwhelmingly participants felt that the workshop exceeded their expectations, and would be of benefit to them.  Thank you, Adam, for the workshop and the follow-up resources you provided.”

“Mindfulness workshop was excellent – the presenter was great as he was v knowledgeable, had humour and handled the group really well (and he gave us chocolate!) I am not naturally ‘into’ this sort of thing so I was a bit nervous about going but found it really reassuring.”