Road Calm

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An Introduction

In this book there are 10 Chapters.

In each chapter there is a very brief explanation of a particular practice that you can engage in when you’re driving.

The essence of this book is try to help you to stay mindful while you’re on the road.

To help you be more focused, calm and centered.

This will help your well-being when your driving.

When you get to your destination you’ll be calmer, happier and more mindful.

Through engaging in the practices in this book you will benefit not only yourself but the people in your society, especially those fellow drivers.

Here we have just very brief essential practices.
The idea behind this is that you can practice straight away.

We can of course sit down and read lots and lots of information how to be mindful.  This book is to encourage you to practice right now a practical tool to help you combat road rage and increase road calm, through training in Mindfulness and Meditation.

It’s good to reflect upon the practices in each chapter and consider how you can practice the techniques.

Mull them over, even meditate on them for a short time.

It’s a little bit like wine tasting. You have some fine wines – you take the time to enjoy them.  You try to get to know the wines
The same with these practices, read them over and reflect upon them.

Reflect how you can practice them in your life, maybe in your commute.

Memorise the essence of the practice and then you’ll start to create a habit.

For example: when you put the keys in the ignition, usually we just drive off, here what we are trying to do is, use this time to bring you into the present moment

When you see a red light – take this is as a reminder to be mindful.

This practice may resonate with you.  Or maybe a combination of the different practices will work for you.

Your actual drive to work becomes a mindfulness practice, a meditation practice.  When we start to practice like this our life and our meditation practice are not separate.

You’re not just meditating when you’re sitting down.  You can start to be creative and integrate all the practices into your daily life.

I wish you success in reducing road rage and increasing road calm.