Guided Meditation, Video Explanation, Transcript, Meditation Script

Guided Meditation,

Video Explanation,


We try to develop an experience of gratitude, recognise the positives of our life. Appreciate what we have as opposed to what we don’t have.  This  way of thinking lifts the mind up.

Our mind sometimes dips into despondency.  Gratitude is a natural way to bring positivity into our mind.  A virtuous way of thinking. We reflect upon the positives in our mind.

We can wake up in the morning and focus on our breath and think: ‘Great, I am alive, I am breathing a good start to the day.’ In this way gratitude will lift our mind.

These are taster bite size experiences that we can bring into our day.

They help us to focus the mind and become positive. Become familiar with this way of thinking and it starts to become natural.

Gratitude is a language of the mind.  Start to learn this special way of thinking and will uplift the mind.