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Guided Meditation:


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All these One Minute Mindfulness Practices help us integrate the practice of mindfulness in our daily life. Here is a swift technique to help us let go of the tension and pressure in our head.

We spend a lot of time in our head.  We think a lot.  This can bring tension. So we visualise our headaches and as we breathe out we imagine breathing them far into the distance.

We are not forcing our breath.  We just let it go.  You can do this practice at various points during the day. Wherever you are; pause, breathe out and let the tension go.  Think: ’I am now going to let go of these headaches.‘

At the end of the session we make the clarification and think ‘I have now let go of the headaches in my mind.’

This meditation helps us to become more centred and free.

Meditation Script: