Guided Meditation, Video Explanation, Transcript, Meditation Script

Guided Meditation,

Video Explanation


With these short practices we are sowing the seeds of peace and calm in our mind. We become mindful by being attentive of our body in a non judgemental way. Whatever position or posture our body is in, become aware of it.

Simply become aware of the different sensations you experience. Acknowledge the sensations. Perhaps your body against a chair,  the soles of your feet on the floor. Our sun-like attention naturally melts away the ice of tension in our body.

Use this technique when walking. Become aware of the sensation of your feet on the ground. Or as you’re standing on public transport, or in a queue, become aware of the sensations in the body, draw your attention in and allow the tension to dissolve, naturally

We start to integrate our mind and make it whole. Beginning with one minute practices and then gradually build up the length of time we train.