A friend of mine is soon going off to a 10 day silent retreat in upstate New York.  She asked for some advice on how to get the most out of the retreat, I passed on the best advice I have received from my teachers…

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  • Take lot’s of walks
  • Expect nothing special to occur.
  • Avoid looking at faults in fellow retreaters – instead wish their retreat runs smoothly
  • Help out with any manual chores wherever possible
  • Don’t tell too many people about the fact you’re going on retreat
  • If you have any special experiences – keep them to yourself after the retreat
  • Emphasise the practice of: humility & seeing others as special and important
  • Avoided any affected ‘retreat’ type behaviour that is not normal for you
  • When you get bored – embrace those thoughts and let them fly away like a caged bird being set free
  • Plan nothing, regret nothing – abide in each moment…..

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