This page includes: Guided Meditation, Video Explanation, Transcript, Meditation Script.

One Minute Guided Meditation



In this session, we are looking at increasing focus through the power of the breath.
Trying to focus the mind.
One minute essential practices.
Can help in many aspects of our life.
Drawing a bridge between our meditation practice and life.
We don’t need a lot of time.
Sometime when a beginner embarks on learning meditation, they can be asked to sit for a long time.
That is great – is a big call.
We need bite-size experiences.
Marginal gains – developing our experience.
Increasing focus – using the breath.
In this meditation, we count the out breath.
We follow the natural flow of breath entering and leaving our breath.
As we breathe out we count – we count on the out breath.
See if we can stay focused.
Count to 10
A peaceful way to reduce anxiety.
We are counting and following the flow of our breath.
This practice – you can listen to the audio of the practice in the details below.
Once you have listened to the recordings of the practice. Start to memorise and practice in your own time.
Take this stress pill.
Allow yourself to focus.
Helps to increase our ability you concentrate.
Often challenging to focus in today’s busy world.
Engage in this training then whatever it is we are doing, is more productive.
Like all the practices try them out for yourself, and you’ll gain experience.

Meditation Script