This page includes: Guided Meditation, Video Explanation, Transcript, Meditation Script.

One Minute Guided Meditation



Here we are in Downtown SF
The city is just waking up – people going off to work after the Xmas break
We are here to help you reduce the anxiety in your life so we can gain an understanding and put the instructions into practice.
Brief essential instructions on how to train the mind and live in the moment.
So you can benefit from these instructions.
You don’t need a lot of time.
Just one minute.
What we are looking at here is a special technique to reduce anxiety.
A special form of breathing meditation.
We imagine any anxiety we have gathers in the aspect of dark smoke,
As we breathe out, we imagine breathing out this anxiety and tension far into the distance.
You can do this practice sitting at your computer.
Brings a few moments of mind space
As you breathe out – let go.
You don’t need to be in a peaceful calm place.
You can practice in the middle of the city.
We don’t need to be in a peaceful location to benefit from all the training from a Mindfulness practice.
These practices are bridging our experience of formal meditation into our life.

Meditation Script