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One Minute Guided Meditation



Hi there, welcome to One Minute Mindfulness.

Watch the video and guided meditation here.

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Hi there and welcome to
One Minute Mindfulness Practices to help bring us into the present moment

This series is open to everybody in particular to those who are completely new to the training.

These practices will give you the foundation and the confidence to practice in your daily life.

As a result of practising these instructions, you will start to experience all the benefits.

We experience more calm & focus, we become more accepting, we can start to enjoy each moment of our life.

As we are in each moment of our life, we start to have a longer life.

In this particular session, we are looking at the practice known as Calm.

This training is based around the breath.

In this practice, we are simply looking at taking a minute to bring ourself into the present moment through becoming aware of the breath.

We are focusing on our breathing – the natural sensation of the breath entering and leaving our body.

Whatever we are doing, wherever we are we can engage in this essential practice, whether we are sitting down or standing up.

We try to bring out attention to the sensation of the breathing. We observe the different sensations in our body as our breath passes through. Our breath is said to be like an anchor. We can come to the breath, many times during the day.

If you look at any anxiety or stress that we experience, it’s mainly about something that could happen or has happened.

Here we are going to just practice a beautiful, simple, one-minute training.

Remember these practices can be done in a variety of places. They don’t have to be done in a meditation posture.

Be creative with the way that you practice, and you’ll start to experience the benefits.

As your commuting to work simply press play and bring yourself into the present moment.

Once you have practised a few times, you can memorise and practice in your own time.
Just bringing our attention to the breathing.

When our mind wanders, we bring it back to the sensation of the breath.

We are not forcing our mind to focus on the breath; we are just simply becoming aware of the breath entering and leaving our body.

Thanks for listening and good luck with your practice.

Meditation Script