Here at mindspace we specialise introducing Mindfulness and Meditation to absolute beginners. Start here with these very brief one minute practices. Follow the Guided Meditation and listen to the instructional video.

This page includes: Guided Meditation, Video Explanation, Transcript, Meditation Script.

One Minute Guided Meditation



Hi there, welcome to One Minute Mindfulness, Mindfulness to Go. Anytime, Anywhere.

In this series of videos and guided meditations we are investigating how we can practice mindfulness, in very short periods of time, during our day.

This understanding empowers and helps us to integrate our experience of mindfulness into our daily life.

Bridges our formal meditation practice with our daily life

Practicing one minute mindfulness doesn’t mean we have an inability to practice longer periods – it is just opens the doorway in helping us to integrate our practices.

I teach many live classes, emphasising bringing meditation to absolute beginners. One of the first obstacles is students thinking that they don’t have time.

When they realise they can practice one minute mindfulness, they start to feel excited and empowered.

It’s possible to gain experience of meditation and mindfulness within our own life.

Of course we can read about it, watch videos about it, travel. Actually practicing in our life and experiencing all the benefits that come from a practice, can start to come through training in short practices.

Very gently starting to integrate mindfulness into our life.

In this series we are offering and introducing 10 different guided practices, you can practice on your mobile, online. You can download them

You can be sitting down, on a bus or tram, standing up somewhere, waiting in a queue, walking

These practices are very dynamic, they can be practice in many different parts of your life.

So brief and short and easy to memorize and practice.

The technology is there to get you started.

You have a training and experience that is inside of you – this is what we are looking for.

The first practice is the present moment.

Learning how to be present is the essence of Mindfulness. Drawing ourself into the moment.

Recognizing our stress is coming from worrying about the future and the past

When we start to engage in meditative practices it can seem quite extreme – having to engage in long practices and subscribe to a particular doctrine or tradition.

With mindfulness training that we are learning here, we are looking at a practice to naturally bring us into the present moment.

Try to bring ourself naturally into the present moment with our senses.

Here – through the practice of Mindful Listening.

Become aware of the sounds around us.

We just listen to the sounds around us.

We are not saying: ‘I like this sound,’ ‘I don’t like this sound. Just simply becoming aware of the sounds around us.

Just listen to the sounds with an open awareness.

Through that listening practice it helps to bring us into the present moment.

Just listening in an open, free way.

Often we are not here.

We live in a world of multi tasking.

Listening brings us into the present moment.

Very rare to be completely present.

The results of this particular practice is that we have developed the foundation for other mindfulness trainings.

When we are with other people our communication is better we can listen to them with an open accommodating ear.

Listening to others is one of the greatest gifts. If you really want to be kind to someone, listen…

That is the first practice.

You can find details of the audio practice below if you wish to practice.

I wish you all the best with your practices.

Meditation Script