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Very relaxing. Thank you,

Enjoyed, thank you!

Julie in Maryland: Very gentle and persuasive

Shauna in Olympia: So grateful!

David in Berlin Wrote:

Thankful to have this meditation on gratitude.

Peter in tacoma Washington Wrote: Ty sir, keep up the good work!

Diana in Colorado Wrote:Lovely

PM Paw in Bard Wrote: A great antidote for expression. Good meditation to work at.

Christine in Melbourne Wrote: Thank you so much

Ursula in Vancouver,BC Wrote: Love it!

Danielle in Monrovia Wrote: This was such a beautiful and thoughtful guided meditation practice.

Martin in México Wrote: Great Meditation

Jacqueline in Sussex Wrote: Very nice, hypnotic voice 😉

Hani in Jordan Wrote: Soothing, made me happier thank you

Margaret Wrote: One of my favorites.

Eli in San Francisco, California Wrote:Super!

Amy Wrote: Nice calming voice

Jack in State College, Pa Wrote: EXACTLY what I needed ????

Thanks in north london Wrote: Really nice, helped me through a rough day

Mark in Lakeland, Florida Wrote: Excellent!

C in Sydney, Australia Wrote: Gorgeous voice; appreciate the silences too.

Wendy Marie in United States Wrote: Very helpful for exercising my mind/heart connection. Thank you!

Mary Ann in Calif. USA Wrote: I’m still new to meditation. This one was short, but has so much to offer in that time. I do think about these feelings. To be absolutely mindful though during our everday lives seems to be so difficult. I want to feel happy, & positive again. Those stupid negative thoughts that crowd our minds. Thank You for a positive meditation. I will be listening again. Namaste.

Carol in Sonora, California Wrote: A perfect message and meditation for beginning a new year.

Jussaraf Wrote: Great guidance

Mary in Fort Mill South Carolina Wrote: Thank you

Julie in Bridgeville PA Wrote: Wonderful message! Perfect for centering during the holidays!

Andie in New York USA Wrote: Short, and sweet…..simply wonderful when I have barely time to breathe, I can still get my morning meditation in. Thank you, Namaste’

Nick in Ann Arbor, MI Wrote: Really enjoy and get a lot out of this meditation. I connect fully through it to the world. Thank you.

Frances in Hollywood Wrote: Helpful to start the day. Good voice and use of silence. Thank you.

AJN in Boston, MA Wrote: Great way to start my day!

Patty in Sandy Springs, GA Wrote: Very nice, relaxing and centering meditation

Yolanda in Georgetown TX Wrote: Well done. Nice way to encapsulate my feelings. Being in a space of gratefulness is very powerful and infectious.

Daniela in Johannesburg South Africa Wrote: Gratitude 😉

Barbara in Los Angeles Wrote: 4 star

Alan in North Hollywood, CA Wrote: Beautiful practice reminds us to be grateful for so many things that we will otherwise take for granted. Thank you Adam!

Jennifer in Washington, D.C Wrote: Good Morning

Erica in San Francisco Wrote: Thank you.
Debra in cherry hill nj Wrote: Love this short but powerful meditation.

Michael in Blue Springs Missouri Wrote: A great reminder to practice gratitude. I will use this meditation often!

Donna in Cocoa, Florida Wrote: Love these gratitude meds????  No bad side effects!

Fanny in Boston (MA) Wrote: Feels really good to be aware of all the good and positives things I have in my life ! It’s a very nice feeling to feel my heart and body full of this gratitude. A very nice way to start your day !!!

Kirby in Los Angeles Wrote: Just what I needed for Thanksgiving weekend.

Briona in Seattle Wrote: Great!

Gin in Warren RI Wrote: This was perfect for my Thanksgiving practice!

John in Boca Raton, FL Wrote: Today is Thanksgiving. Thank you for reminding us of all we have & reminding us not to dwell on what we may not. Thank you for reminding us how to lift from depression & share peace & joy throughout this world.

Mike in Plainview NY Wrote: Very calming

Sam in Kenai,alaska Wrote:Love gratitude meditations

TINA in E Sussex Hastings Uk Wrote:Thank you 🙂

On 11-24-2014 02:10:25 PM Kyle in Chicago, Il Wrote: Awesome

Mark in Baltimore, MD Wrote: Very simple and I have a grateful attitude always after this meditation

Chris in Massachusetts Wrote: Simple but beautiful message

Dora in Torreón, Coahuila México Wrote: Thanks

Sandra in Sweden Wrote: I liked that I was encouraged to bring the thoughts of gratitde with me throughout the day and to counteract any depressive thought with a thought of gratitude over what I am blessed with.

Sigrun in Missoula, MT Wrote: This is one of my favourite meditations.

Ace in South Gate, Ca Wrote: Great way to either start or end your day!

Dave in Discovery Bay, California Wrote: Wonderfully peaceful voice and welcoming of gratitude.

Tenica in Kent, WA Wrote: Wonderful reminder of how to be grateful and have gratitude for everyone and everything

Thomas in Broken Arrow, OK Wrote: Very serene. Very helpful.

Megan in Highland Park Wrote: Lovely.

Buffi in kansas city Missouri Wrote: It is wonderful to take time out to be grateful and very powerful!

Merle in Princeton Nj Wrote: Gentle reminder of gratefulness will repeat message.

Amy in Denver, Colorado Wrote: Very soothing and peaceful gratitude meditation

LaToya in Florida Wrote: Beautiful voice…

Phoebe in Dorchester, Dorset, UK Wrote: Nice.

Tara in Springfield, MO Wrote: Short but effective

Marion in Cowra, NSW, Australia Wrote:

Thank you, short and very effective. Great voice.

Simone in Ypsilanti, MI Wrote: Very nice and peaceful.

Beth in Port Hueneme, CA Wrote: It was really nice especially when near the end when you dedicate your own energy to World Peace

Don in Ny Wrote: Wonderful short way to remind myself how lucky I am to be alive and to be one with God.

Diane in Beverly Hills Wrote:  One of the best meditations if not the absolute best because he incorporates methods of mindfulness and a brilliant way to deal w depression as well as making every experience and moment count while being conscious of your body….mind, body, acc soul.

Colin in Edinburgh Wrote: Really good, nice soothing voice
Liz in England Wrote: Good focus and calm voice. Good
Chelsea in Nashville USA Wrote: Nice voice.

Steven in Toronto Wrote: Very beautiful words and a wonderful way to remind ourselves how grateful we should be 😉
Chellie in NC Wrote: Loved this! So necessary and peaceful.

Kathie in Milwaukee, WI Wrote: Excellent  This meditation is a lovely way to start my morning, remembering and acknowledging all I have to be grateful for.

Anja in Hamburg Germany Wrote:


Alison in Hamilton, Ontario Wrote: Just what I needed
GKT in Denver Wrote: Thank you

Simon in Bristol Wrote: Short but important meditation. It’s easy to always focus on what isn’t right with our lives and so it’s important to balance this tendency with thoughts about what’s going well.
Elizabeth in Los Angeles, CA Wrote: Love this simple and quick meditation. Dacey’s voice is calming and relaxing. This meditation helps counter feelings of sadness.

Diane in Hillsborough, NC Wrote: Great tool for shifting from a depressed/anxious mind to a state of joy, contentment, and peace.
Ulrike Sarah in STUTTGART Germany Wrote: A few nice colourful picture pieces shown up, incredible

Maryanne in Sonoma, CA Wrote: Thank you

Sue in Woburn, UK Wrote: Very nice, finished this meditation feeling peaceful and happy

Doris in Melbourne, Florida Wrote: Love it

Denny in Tempe, Arizona Wrote: very good

Aaron in Fort Lauderdale Wrote: Today I express gratitude for all the blessings and joy in my life

Susannah in Asheville, North Carolina Wrote: Soothing voice

Becly in Los Angeles, CA Wrote: Short and sweet!

Angelia in Concord, OH Wrote: Love the voice.

Jbear01 in Canada Wrote: Very good

Lara in New Zealand Wrote: I really enjoyed that, thank you.

Mary in Plano, Texas Wrote: Good way to cure a bad day.

Morrie in Gig Harbor. WA Wrote: I am grateful
Brittany in Virginia Wrote: Good meditation. Would have received 5 stars if there was a bell at the end.

Tom in Portsmouth Wrote: Like..

Lynne in Lincoln, NE Wrote: Loved this! Awesome calming voice.

Robert in London Wrote: Will add this to my favourite list, gratitude is 1 thing we forget in life

Claudette in The Villages, Florida Wrote: Nice way to start the day, no matter what our circumstances.

Jessi in Vancouver, Wa Wrote: This is my new favourite guided meditation!

Daria in Dade city, Florida Wrote: Good short meditation to use when you are feeling down or depressed – the antidote for depression

Tomaso Pantera in Mexico Wrote: Outstanding!

Emma in Newcastle Upon Tyne Wrote: Grateful for my health and grateful to be alive. Thank you for this meditation. Namaste

Sioux in South Elgin, IL Wrote: Nice – thank you~?

Michelle in Florida Wrote: Loved this! Thank you!

Victor in san antonio, texas, usa Wrote: Good n short guided med. Great message to meditate on

Ricci in Chino Valley, Arizona USA Wrote: This simple meditation on gratitude is a perfect way to start your day, end your day or pause in the middle of your day.

Ocean in Madison , WI Wrote: Thank you.

Lisa in New York City Wrote: Simple and powerful . Very helpful. I’m grateful Adam touched my life.

Gayle in Scottsdale Wrote: Namaste

Terri mackey in Loveland Oh Wrote: thank you! Thank you! I really like this meditation. Good job.

Reubertochter in Germany Wrote:

This was one of the best guided meditations I’ve done so far. Thanks so much!

Maia in Buenos Aires Wrote: Nice

Hania in Atlanta, Ga Wrote:Wonderful. I especially liked the transitions in and out of breaks. Thank you.

Sheri in Garden Grove, CA Wrote: I enjoy creating positive energy and using it to create world peace and happier more peaceful people all over the world

E in United States Wrote: Great meditation. Used it for a morning meditation, and feel that my day will be great all the while having gratitude for whatever it may bring. Great meditation

Matt in NYC Wrote: Well done.

Pam in Keswick, Ontario Wrote: Awaking

Phy in Ireland Wrote:Soft, gentle reminders.

David in Asheville,nc Wrote: I dedicate the positive attitudes and energy I acquired through this mediation to u

Mary in Saint Louis Wrote: So enjoyed,,,I do believe gratitude corrects depression

Jojo in Greensboro NC Wrote: Short and sweet. His voice is soothingly perfect.

Pau in spain Wrote: Great,, thanks!

Nancy in Omaha, NE Wrote: Nice

MK in California Wrote: Terrific guided meditation. Felling happier and moved away from negative thoughts. Thank you!

Lynn in Milwaukee, WI Wrote: So very soothing

Sissy in Sugarloaf, California USA Wrote: Thank you so much I take for granted. Need “reminding” 🙂 bless the peace I enjoy & pray for others not so fortunare. Lovely soothing voice. I like the silence as it helps me to settle my restless mind.

Pamela in Madison Wisconsin Wrote: Short gem of meditation on what matters and wishing peace to all. Thank you!

Mimi in Pacific Northwest Wrote: A peaceful practice to support an attitude of gratitude.

Noël in NYC Wrote: Soothing voice. I just created so much positive energy that is flowing through me into the apartment, the halls, the streets, the city, and the world.

Cate in cuyahoga falls ohio Wrote: I needed to be reminded of my freedom and wellbeing– I will be using this meditation again- many times again I’m sure.

Jeff in DC Wrote: Really enjoyable, and cultivating gratitude is always a great practice

Tesske01 in Los Angeles, CA US Wrote: Lovely

Roberto in College Point. Queens, NY Wrote: Nice

Tim in Eagan MN Wrote: Wonderful !!!… A great addition to the site

Cathy in Oak Park, Michigan Wrote: Very calm voice to listen to. Thank you!

Sheila in Chicago Illiniois Wrote: I love this. His voice is so calm and it relaxed me instantly. The gratitude mind,that hit home for me. Very good meditation!

Kelly Wrote: Great loved it!!

M in Maplewood NJ Wrote: A good meditation was looking for more focus

Gris in Oceanside Wrote: Very relaxing:). Thank you.

Tamara in Grass Valley CA Wrote:Very helpful ‘the direct antidote to a depressive mind’ Gratitude

Asdrubal in New LISBON, WISCONSIN Wrote: Good morning gratitude practice

Lucy in Tipperary Ireland Wrote: Very effective. Thank you.

Sabre in Lewistown, Montana Wrote: First time meditating on this I called my best friend who is actually the single person who started me on this spiritual journey, and told him how much he meant to me and that I was glad to have the time I have with him. Who knows it’s always good to meditate on gratitude and next time might be a bigger step leading to even bigger things.

Maggie in Los Angeles, CA Wrote: Very nice.

Cassie in Odenton, MD, USA Wrote: Such a soothing voice. This was a peaceful meditation.