Have less stress and anxiety during 2015 – get yourself some Mind Space this year.

Discover a Modern presentation of Mindfulness and Meditation, perfect for beginners.

Let’s take a look how you can overcome anxiety with Mindfulness and Meditation.

In todays busy world it’s a challenge to be present, there are so many options for the flickering, distracted mind.

Screens to scroll, messages to check, red notifications to read, channels to hop, plans to make, past histories to dwell on, our mind is in a state of constant movement, fuelled with caffeine and high-speed wi-fi, is there any time to rest our mind?

Yes there is, we can learn to train in short, bite size Mindfulness practices, (starting from just 3 seconds of your time) carefully designed at Mind Space for your mental well-being.

There can be an undercurrent of anxiety throughout our entire life, both day and night, making us pick our nails, scratch our head when there’s no scratch, check our phone for the 30th time this morning, see images in shadows, expecting the worst out of situations…. anxiety has many levels.

We can live and operate in our world successfully with a degree of anxiety, some would say perhaps it can be helpful, being anxious about loosing your job to poor performance will actually make you work harder and perform better.  However when our anxiety levels are too high this can affect our well-being, our mental and physical health and our relationships.  One outburst of high anxiety can destroy a valuable relationship, our job, career or even our entire life.

When we finished school and college, unless we are very lucky we are not provided with the knowledge on how to reduce, manage and overcome our anxiety.  So where can we discover this information.

For me I found it when I first learned to Meditate in Nepal.

One of the first experiences I had when trying meditation for the first time was a mental ahhhhh – a deep sigh of relief.  I felt I had discover a priceless tool which relieved me instantly of the anxiety I didn’t realize I was carrying.

The meditation that I learned was a breathing meditation.

It’s a central practice to Mindfulness Meditation.

We bring our attention to the sensation of the breath.  Here are the steps to a basic breathing meditation practice.

  • Sit in a comfortable posture
  • Keep a straight relaxed back
  • Gentle close your eyes
  • Notice the sensation of the breath
  • Keep your attention on the natural sensation
  • When your mind wanders bring it back
  • Keep repeating this process
  • Finish after 1,5,10,15 minutes with the determination to practice again tomorrow

    Millions of people have discover the effectiveness of this practice.  Why is this so.  It’s the first step for bringing us into the present moment.  When we are in the present moment then a lot of the stress and worry that comes from thinking and worrying about the past and the future naturally dissolves away.  This technique is a very powerful, natural method, for relieving anxiety.

Overcome Anxiety with Mindfulness and Meditation

Of course you can learn these techniques online, through reading a book, travelling to a foreign country, going on an expensive SPA retreat; I believe however most effective for your training is learning close to home, in your everyday life, over a series of weeks and engaging with content in your daily life, this can be done though attending a live class with like-minded individuals at one of the Mind Space venues this February.

The unique element of the classes is that you will have the opportunity to practice techniques with other beginners, be in a supported environment, be able to ask questions and engage in discussion.

You will also receive content to practice at home each day.

There are 7 hours of live classes over the 7 weeks.  However for those who are keen to make progress they can integrate the training into the life both at home and work, so over 7 weeks can make incredible progress.  Read the testimonials from those who have attended previous courses.

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