Hi everyone and welcome to the 100 Meditation Tips.

It’s a common question when people meditate – when should I meditate?

My usual answer is the morning.

Everything is coming up – the sun is rising. There is a lot of energy in our body and mind.

It sets us up for the day.

We have a flavour of peace that we can take with us.

The integration of mindfulness into our day is a lot easier and natural to accomplish if we have that morning meditation.

You have to experience it really.

Try for a few days to practice.

It stays in your system.

If you’re going to meditate once a day, I recommend at the beginning of the day.

As they say: the early bird catches the worm.

Set your alarm clock a little earlier.

Whatever time you are comfortable with.

Ideally to have a practice at the beginning and the end of the day.

You can reflect on the day and unwind.

You can have a nice peaceful calm mind.

These are the best times to meditate.

If you’re creative then try to practice during the day.

Perhaps at a lunch break, in the office, in your car.

That then means you have an experience of peace throughput the day.

You can approach the challenges you experience throughout the day.

AS you train in meditation you are strengthening the muscle of mindfulness .

Most importantly is to practice and develop and make progress.

Thanks for listening and bye for now!