Hi there and welcome to the 100 Meditation Tips.

Here we are looking at making progress with our meditation.

The first part of this is the meditation habit – refresh your memory on this here:

Once we have established this habit we are looking at integrating our practice into the day.

More of the time we are not sitting down formally meditating.

It is said we need to try to create a bridge between our life and our meditation practice.

Integration of our practice into daily life through training in mindfulness is the key.

Try to practice meditation first thing in the morning.

Try to be present and in the moment.

If we are present in each moment then we have a long life.

Create a bridge between our life and our meditation practice.

Integration of our practice into our daily life.

Try to keep our practice light – enjoy your practice. Try not to be too serious and tight with your practice.

This will come if we are focused on a particular meditation practice.

Decide on a particular practice and stick with it.

There are 1000’s of different practices. There comes a point where we need to decide on a particular practice and stick with it.

Its like anything – we have all this energy. If we can focus our energies on one particular practice then we will start to make progress.

Try not to push with your practice.

Consider the analogy of a guitar string – not too tight, not too loose.

Training in meditation it’s like tuning our mind.
When our mind is unhappy and negative it’s like its out of tune.

Training in meditation is an art.

How we approach our practice, is our practice.

Experience will come over time if we are patient.

Consider drops of water dripping into a bucket.
Overtime a bucket fills with water – even with small drops.

Keep making an effort – try to integrate your training during the day.

We’ll start to experience internal peace.

Meditation has so many benefits.

We can experience those benefits overtime through training in our practices.

There is no secret or magic to making progress with our training – consistency and creating a habit.

Without assessing ourself we will notice change taking place over a period of time.

Even our physical health can improve.

After a few weeks we can experience progress.

Progress doesn’t need to take a long time…..