A new video recorded for your New Year.

Discover how developing the meditation habit is the key to success in your training.

In this tip we are looking at the meditation habit.

Creating a Meditation habit is essential if we wish to make progress with our training.

The experiences that arise from meditation:

Inner peace

Increased Happiness

Improvement in our mental health.

All these experience come as a result of creating a meditation habit.

We have some good habits and bad habits

The ways we think come as a result of the habits we have.

Developing a meditation habit is one of the most beneficial habits we can have in our life.

Trying to establish a routine.

Its said we need to develop our practice like it’s a broad flowing river.

Each day we have this habit that is flowing through our life – over the days, weeks, months and years.

Of course now we want immediate results.

Perhaps we do gain experience. If we develop this habit – a relaxed joyful habit over a period of time. We will definitely gain experience.

This habit is real, kindness and gift we can give to ourself.

We will benefit both now and in the future from developing this habit.

Then try to integrate our training with our daily life.

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