The practice that I would like to introduce at this point is what is known as ‘just sitting.’

That’s it.

Less is more.

We simply sit and observe.

We observe our body, our breath, our mind.  We stay focused and try not to become distracted with our thoughts. when they come we just let them come and then go.

This Meditation has a very relaxed approach and helps us to get into the right space, we need for practice.

Not trying to hard.

Just simply stepping back and watching the world of our mind passing by.

One of the keys to this practice is to try to keep physically still.

In this way we can start to gain an insight into the activity of our mind.

Our habits of body and speech, arise from our mind.

Often we engage in habitual habits without even thinking about them.

So in this practice when you settle down and then have an itch on your face or knee, instead of scratching it  , just observe it.

Observe the sensation of the itch as it arises.

It will arise and then gradually dissolve.

This observation starts to help us develop some degree of self-control and an insight that we can start to develop an objective view of our life and mind.

This naturally starts to bring calm into our life.

So we just sit, we’re not trying to accomplish anything.

If our mind is distracted, that’s OK, we just watch it.

If our body feels uncomfortable, that’s OK. We just observe….

Sitting and watching, for a short time, being no-one going nowhere.

This formal practice can help to bring calm into our life and give us the mental freedom to let go of stresses and difficulties. Once we have experience of this formal training we can then apply our experience to our daily life.  Notice during the day when your mind feels worried or anxious.  Just observe the thoughts and feelings that arise in the body and mind at this time.  That’s it.  Don’t try to stop the thoughts, just simply observe them…

Enjoy your practice

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First Meditation – Just Sitting Practice

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