Mindfulness in Business
I found it extremely useful, not only in terms of learning more about mindfulness so that I myself can practice the techniques (or aim to), but also in terms of learning more about how and when to signpost others to the support so that they will gain most benefit from it. It was explained in a clear and logical way, and you made it possible to use the techniques in day-to-day life which was great. Since the session I do find myself being less judgemental about myself and others, and actually find I get less stressed o worked up over small things compared to how I used to. I will certainly explore mindfulness further now I have the basic understanding of the principles.  Lisa Whittleton – Illuminate

“I met Adam at an event run by the CIPD for Independent HR practitioners . He spent a couple of hours with us talking about mindfulness – demonstrating how it works from a practical perspective and discussing how it could benefit the businesses we work with (not to mention other areas of life). Until meeting Adam, it was just a word to me, but he brought the concept to life and helped me understand how being more in the moment can help productivity, engagement and generally help get more out of what you/we do – whether at work or in life generally. A very thought-provoking couple of hours that’s made me change my perspective on a number of fronts!
Becca Roberts – Principal Consultant – HRizon Limited

“I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session you delivered at our recent CIPD Birmingham Independents Group. I learned how simple it is to practice mindfulness and that it can easily be part of day-to-day living and working. I can see its benefits both at home and work, particularly in dealing with pressure and challenges. I recognised the importance of not judging and avoiding those words like should and ought!!  Thank you Adam”
Sally McMahon – Managing Director – Skylark Training

“Very relevant, practical and so interesting.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Adam’s session – he was an engaging and knowledgeable speaker.”

“Very much so. This was my first attendance at these events I loved the informal yet professional tone, the
welcoming and inclusive approach, the practical exercise and the insight provided. Enlightening and enjoyable.”


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I am tuning into the noises around me, bringing my awareness into the here and now in a nonjudgemental way.  And yes it makes a difference.  Adam presented at a recent CIPD meeting and I am in the early stages of adopting some of the mindfulness listening techniques that he shared with us.  Most of our stress comes from our thoughts, that inner voice that can both encourage and discourage us. Our body is in the present, but our mind is distracted elsewhere. Adam highlighted how continually busy our minds are, often without us even aware of what we are doing and how we are doing it. He stressed the importance of allowing our mind to rest, allowing it time to de-clutter, so that we can re-energize and focus on what really matters. I left the session, in exactly the right frame of mind, to support a family member, in a non- judgemental way.

Fiona Anderson – Director – Valuing You