Compassionate Breath Meditation
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In this practice we are going to begin our training in compassion.

To help us to do this we are going to use our breath to help us focus.

We’re going to breath in and wish for ourself to be free from suffering.

As we breath out, we wish for others to be from suffering.

Bringing your attention inwards we make the intention for our practice.

Trying to become present using the sounds around us & the sensation of our body.

We develop the wish that we ourself can be free from suffering and we develop the wish that others, our friends our family, people in our society can also be free from suffering.

This is the mind of compassion.

Very positive, vast mind.

To help us train in it to begin with, we can use our breathing.

As we breathe in we wish for ourself to be free from suffering & as we breathe out we wish for others to be free suffering.

Using the natural sensation of the breath we train in the mind of compassion.

If your mind wanders use your breath as an anchor to guide you back into the present moment.

Breathing in we wish for ourself to be free from suffering & breathing out we wish for others to be from suffering.

In this way we’re training in the mind of compassion.

Just before we finish the practice we dedicate the good energy we create so we can all be free from suffering……

During the meditation break we try to extend the mind of compassion to those around us.

When we see, think and hear others we develop this mind.

Replacing minds of negativity and irritation with compassion.