On the 15th June 2014 in Northfield Meeting House – a beautiful historical building we engaged in the first guided Mindfulness and Meditation Day Retreat in Birmingham.

People from across Birmingham, Solihull and Shropshire came to the event. One lady travelled down from Nottingham to gain insight into how she could improve her practice.

During the day we looked at techniques to help bring us into the present moment.

Mindful Listening, Body & Breathing.

We practiced Mindful Walking Meditation and also engaged in Meditations on Gratitude and Compassion.

There was opportunity for plenty of discussion and Q&A’s to clarify our practice, so everyone could go home with a renewed, refreshed experience and feel confident in engaging in a regular daily practice.

Here are the thoughts of some those of those who attended.

Very positive, excellent teacher, environment and location. Marc

Loved it. Thank you for delivering. Mig

Insightful – Simon

Very useful – lets see how I get on in the real world. Jo

Great day, thanks Adam – Valerie

Really enjoyed it & lots to think about – Karen

Great day, lots of positive steps in achieving a greater sense of well-being – Ranjit

Great day, just the antidote to negativity I needed – Hugh

Thank you for a very inspiring day. The peace and chance to meet and talk with yourself and like-minded people was most welcome – Jenny

Fantastic day, thank you so much. Perfect venue, peaceful and beautiful – Briony

A great introduction to the practice of Mindfulness and its benefits – Kerry

During the day we engaged in a Mindful Walking Meditation, which you can download here.

Also at the end of the day we practice a Meditation on Gratitude – which you can engage in here.

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Some of those who attended the day gathering for a picture at the end of the day.

mindfulness retreat in birmingham

Mindfulness retreat in Birmingham