Meditation in Wolverhampton

We’re currently running a series of Mindful Business workshops in Central Birmingham for office workers – here is some of the feedback thus far….

Which part of the training was the most useful or interesting of the Mindfulness in Business Workshop?

The fact that you don’t need special pose / place but can meditate anywhere and for how ever long you want.

Learning how to draw the mind back to focus on present when distracted.

I found the course a really interesting introduction to being mindful and am intrigued to learn more.

The practical excercise was good. Would like to learn more.

The practical 15 minute guided session. Also the background on how other organisations are using Mindfullness was helpful.

The meditation practice was very helpful along with the facts and information Adam provided – overall a great introduction to meditation!

I think the timining of this session was good as it was before most people arrived at work so the office was quiet.
I am not sure how well I would have been able to concentrate at say 11 am when people outside the room would be chatting and maybe taking calls etc.

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