We’re looking at how mindfulness can help to bring peace and calm into our life.

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Mindfulness is the non judgmental awareness of the present moment…

We can see more and more in today’s busy society how we’re not in the moment.
Training in mindfulness makes so much sense:

when you eat, walk, talk… you do that – just that and enjoy the process.

So often we are doing many things at the same time leading to distraction and stress.
mindfulness is a training of the mind, its origins come from thousands of years ago.

Buddha taught to help followers increase focus, concentration & discipline leading to the development of wisdom.

In the modern-day used in health care, schools & business.

The practice helps to alleviate pain & depression & brings space and calm into people’s lives.

A practice that is being enjoyed by many people.

A great time to get involved in mindfulness and meditation.

Contemplating the benefits we encourage ourselves to practice.

We are building on the practice from last week:

mindfulness of the breath:

mindfulness of the body – body scan:

without music:
with music:

The body scan which helps us to become more present and aware.
It’s said mindfulness is like a microscope that zones in.

The human mind is extremely powerful we can focus and sharpen the mind.

Training in mindfulness is a training of the mind.

Building up the muscle of the mind.

Our mind starts to do what we want it to do:

if our mind become negative the we usually become negative.

With mindfulness we can notice our mind becoming negative & we can start to transform the experience.

In the first instance we become aware and mindful of that negativity inside.

Usually when we have a problem or difficulty looks like it’s coming from outside.
if we look more carefully it’s actually arising from within….

Practice mindfulness during the day we can become more and more aware of our mind & discover how to be happy.

A fantastic training becoming widespread and integrating within the mainstream.
Well and truly becoming part of our society.

So good luck with your mindfulness practice this week.

I look forward to seeing you next week where we are going to look at how we can use our mindfulness practice to live in the moment.