It was nearly a year ago I met Adam at the Mind Space course he was running in Tettenhall Wood, also my introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation techniques. Adam was excellent at explaining these practices, there is nothing complicated about them, they are easy to learn and with a teacher like Adam they are fun to learn as well.

The course was a very enjoyable experience and Adams depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject rubs off on you, well it did on me anyway !

Taking stock of myself after not even a year from my initial Mind Space course is quite a revelation to me now. I used to be apprehensive and  have worries about the future quite a lot, nowadays I’m looking forward to the future, when the future comes I’ll deal with it then.

There were nights when I was awake for hours and hours fretting over problems, these really weren’t problems, what on earth was I doing? Now if I’m awake at night I’m just concentrating on my breathing, can’t be bothered to fret over thoughts anymore.

I would recommend the Mind Space courses to anyone, they are fun and they are good for you!
Nick Hamil

Love Mind Space. I find it hard to motivate myself to get going with meditation and Adam’s simple approach and his regular meditation challenges are a simple way for me to get going and give myself a break.
I enjoy it more knowing Adam’s rich history and the personal investment he has made in becoming an expert in all things meditation. Looking forward to Feb 1st for the next 14 day challenge.
Dean Langasco

Thanks for the wonderful advice and guidance on meditation practice, particularly the meditation challenges. I’m looking forward to 1st Feb when the next one starts! X
Mary De Almeida

The Mindful Meditation Challenge is fantastic. Really helps me make time for meditation. I would recommend it to anyone interested to learn more about meditation and its many benefits.
Phil Oakely