We’re looking at an introduction to meditation

This will serve as a reminder to those who have been attending the class and a helpful introduction to those who stumbled across the video on the internet.

Meditation has many meanings. It’s a general phrase.
Sometimes it’s talked about in a definitive way.

It’s useful to understand there are many types of meditation in the same way there are many different types of sport.
Meditation encompasses many different types of practice.

A good introduction is the Wikipedia page.

It’s good as it’s a non biased presentation.
Appreciating all the different forms of meditation

Christian Meditation
Sufi Meditation
Spiritual Meditation
New Age Meditation
Buddhist Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation.

When we’re starting out its good to have a broad view.

Like food there are many different types – taste them and discover which food which we enjoy.

Here we’re looking at Meditations that have come originally from the Buddhist Tradition 2500 years ago and are now being practiced within the Mindfulness movement.We’ll be practicing:

Breathing Meditation
Mindful Body
Mindful Listening
Calm Abiding
Loving Kindness

If we meditate correctly then the natural effects are that our mind becomes more peaceful calm and we become more mindful during our life

One of the ways to encourage ourself to practice meditation is to contemplate the benefits.

A practice helps us to experience peace & calm. We become more mindful & improve our relationships with others.

These benefits are not just anecdotal.
There is a growing body research revealing  the benefits of meditation.

Through contemplating the benefits of meditation we arrive at the decision to practice.
There are many things to contemplate when we practice meditation.

How to practice
Where to practice
What time to practice.

We’ll look at this in weeks to come.

Take a look at these videos which will help you discover more about
Meditation Posture: 
Creating a Meditation Space:

A good place to start when we train in meditation is the simple breathing meditation.

A 5 minute breathing meditation: 

Here is the 15 Minute Meditation:

Try to practice this over the week.

Build up your intention to train…

As our intention grows our capacity increase.

Start off with a gentle, light practice….