Helped me get the ball rolling on meditation practice. Interesting to hear other people’s experience with mindful meditation. It’s been great to have a dedicated session & to be part of a group who meditates at a set time each week.
Elaine Meski (System Engineering)

Good way of getting away from your usual routine and getting to know more about you.
Francisco Casanueva (Economics)

Brilliant to find a better way of life.
Roberto Benito (Economics)

I’ve really enjoyed the course. I can see a change in myself, less prone to stress. I think of challenging tasks as less of a mountain. I think mindfulness is a good practice for me and I will try to practice after this course.
Roya Est (Biomedical Science)

Some helpful tips. Nice time to unwind.
Kirsty (Psychology)

Although I have found it hard to practice regularly at home the sessions have left me feeling able to cope with stressful environment of Uni. Even my self-esteem has improved from beginning to learn how ‘switch the voices off.’
Niki (Sociology)

Course has had a calming influence on my life and I will continue to practice.
Glen Jones (Chemistry)

Good for practicing mindfulness. Good time timings. Great to have something once a week to keep me going.
Amie Cooper (Psychology)

Very relaxing and thought-provoking. A great release from the rest of University life.
James Sloan (Physics)