What are the students saying about this workshop?

‘I thought the session was really good today, I’ve been practising mindfulness and meditation on and off for about 6 months now but today’s session made me feel much more interested about properly integrating it into my life again…’ Samuel Seed

‘Great session today, good basic introduction to mindfulness. I wonder what it would be like with that chocolate that has popping candy in it- maybe a bit too intense?!’ Amie Cooper



There’s no other workshop like this! Come along and try for yourself. Suitable for anyone who wishes to reduce stress and increase concentration and focus through learning the Art of Mindfulness. Spend the afternoon tasting chocolate mindfully & learning simple techniques to concentrate, focus the mind & reduce stress. No Chanting, Incense, Group Therapy, Holding Hands or OMMMMMing! Major companies like Google, Facebook, Deutsche Bank are now offering Mindfulness & Meditation to their employees with great results. For more info please contact Tuesday 10th October 3-4.15pm Warwick University,IKEA Membership Space (SU Atrium) £3 students /£5 staff