This music will help you to relax & focus while you study or engage in an activity that requires a serene, concentrated, presence.

We have created this music with a combination of our musical training & Meditation experience.

Slow, ambient guitar, ambient surround sounds & peaceful, native american flute.

Produced in the Mind Space studio to help you to move into a relaxed and creative zone for effective study, work, focus and relaxation.

It will help you to focus, concentrate and most importantly to relax while you study or engage in an activity that requires a relaxed presence.

Good luck with your project whether it be an essay, exam revision, course work, writing a book, poem, coding or painting – we wish you all the success and happiness and hope our sounds and meditations will help you on the way 🙂

Music composed, performed and produced by Adam Dacey.

Music has a powerful effect on our well-being. In this busy world its difficult to find the time to rest and concentrate. The mind being easily distracted. This music can help to focus you. Let us know your experience and thoughts.

We compose music and meditations for your path to inner peace and bliss.

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