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I remember when I was revising in my bedroom for my GCSE’s I would always have music on.

When I needed to really concentrate and think I would simply turn it down so it was more gentle.

There are different theories about whether music can help or hinder studies.
My own conclusion is that its subjective to the individual.
Some people like to have a backdrop of music in their life. It’s normal for them.

If our studies are sometimes erratic, we may find it difficult to concentrate and when we do sit down we are distracted.  Music may be able to help you.

If we are listening to a long piece of music that is melodic with few alterations within the key & the tune is balanced then this can bring peace.   Pleasant relaxing sounds release dopamine, serotonin and endorphins into the brain helps to uplift, lighten & focus the mind.

When the mind is focused of course its less distracted. As a result the mind is happier.
Music helps to make the mind happier and relaxed as a result decision-making is more positive as there is less stress in the mind.

If you scroll down to the foot of the article where there are links for further reading you can read a scientific report which looked at the effects of music on maths students in the classroom. As a result of calming music those students who suffered from distraction were significantly effected in a positive way by the background sounds.

If you do choose to have music on when you are studying, revising or engaging in work then I would suggest the following for effective results.

The music is calm, relaxing and continuous. Ideally a long track.
So there is no need to become distracted by changing or thinking too much about the music.
(That’s why we are designing long tracks of up to an hour in length – click here to enjoy)

Instrumental music can be less interfering than listening to a voice.
As much of study is about words and analysis. Bringing other words into your mind can be a distraction.

Try not to focus too much on the music, if you do have it on and it is causing distraction or irritation. Simply turn it off or try a different track. When we are studying and writing its important to have a relaxed and calm mind.

If we are playing uplifting relaxing music we may find that a particular challenging task is easy to complete and we find that we start to enjoy it rather than being brought down by it.

There are many classical piece of music which you can find on the internet – especially Mozart’s piano concertos which are lengthy.
Music can help us with motivation – sometimes not succeeding in an exam or essay is not as a result of our ability it’s just simply because we lack the necessary motivation to focus and learn. Music can start to get us motivated and uplifted.

Keep coming back to our channel where overtime you will find more and more music which has been composed with your concentration and focus in mind. So you can get as much out of your time as possible in the most relaxed manner

What do you think?
Can music help your studies?
What type of music do you listen to that helps with your essay?
Is it simply better not to listen to any music?
Let us know your thoughts….

Further reading:

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This article was written by Adam Dacey.


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