Yes it can!

Firstly its important to understand what Meditation isn’t. There is still an overriding view in our society that Meditation is about emptying the mind.
Therefore associating Meditation with an improvement in our studies would appear contradictory. Some forms of Meditation may result in an emptying or dulling of the mind but not all! Some types of Meditation actually help to strengthen & focus the mind.

Studies by scientists at the University of California revealed that meditation does work to improve concentration ( read more here )

I believe the best scientific research is for us to find through our own experience the power of meditation.

Experiment, see the difference between a study session with a brief meditation before it and a study session without.

Don’t take our word for it…

Its interesting when newbies first start practicing they do remark that they seem able to accomplish more as a result of their practice of meditation.  So simply not doing for a short time leads us to be able to accomplish more!

As a result of our mind being more focused and concentrated we will find it easier to complete essays, retain information and exercise the critical faculties within our mind that are needed for higher levels of education.

Meditation can help to improve our studies and the good news for those with little time is that there is no need to engage to extensive sessions. Even a 5 minute meditation can prove to be effective.

Some education institutions have taken on board Meditation. Recently when I was teaching in India there were several schools which practiced at the beginning of the day each morning. A wonderful way to start the day. (See photos here.)

So how can you integrate Meditation into your study routine?

We all know as a student its sometimes difficult to motivate oneself to sit down and write an essay or complete an assignment when our friends are going down to the union or there’s a party on. Setting the motivation to study at a particular time is helpful. Also giving ourself a set amount of time and then taking a break. It can be effective to work in 20-25 minute periods and then taking a short 5 minute break.

When you first sit down…instead of jumping straight into the task at hand just simply take a few minute to sit and concentrate. Try the Mindfulness of the breath technique where we focus on the sensation of the breathing entering and leaving the body. You can imagine breathing out stress and tension and breathing in peace and calm.

Just practicing for a few minutes can help us.

Good luck with your practice & let us know if Meditation is helping your studies!