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Your video has helped me out so much. It calms my soul and relaxes me so much to where I can think more clearly and feel no stress at all. Please make more. Jonathan Milton

Used this before a busy day of uni. I have suffered GAD for a couple of years now but I am slowly getting a grip on it. Thank you for this invaluable, free tool. ryanemm1001

I suffer from panic anxiety disorder, as do many people. I often get anxiety at the least desired moments. A friend recommended meditation, and this was the first video that came up. I can honestly say this has helped me more than any pill or doctor has. Who knew meditation did so much? Thank you so much for this. Everything down the crisp, soft tone of your voice. Great stuff. I am looking forward to this every night before I go to sleep now. Cheers 🙂 Matt Ingram

I’ve just started meditation tonight because of the same disorder and your comment, knowing this meditation has helped, has given me even more encouragement, thank you! and also thank you for making this video OnlineMeditation, I, for once, am now feeling comfortable and relaxed.

I tried for the first time this morning. I very much benefited from your video. For some reason before you moved on to the next part of the body I was already there. I could feel tension leaving my body like a running faucet. Thank you. Chrysoula Natiotis

This was my first time and I truly enjoyed it. It relaxed me from crown to my toes.

Thank you so much…beautiful.

Came across this I do it before I sleep helps a lot and just in general helps you to let go and de stress amazing thank you ! Chucklez1011

A very good video.

I am quite stressed from past few days n cnt sleep whole night .. i tried to meditate i find it tough coz my mind wander alot … but i was going through videos n came across ur video .. i felt very good very soothing … could u help me dat i should concentrate on meditation because i know stress wont lead me anywhere good. Preet Kaur

I suffer from high blood pressure and I am trying to go with natural remedies, and this meditation helps me a lot. my BP goes down and I feel relax and ready to go to sleep. thanks! Ariana Lescano

I have Generalized anxiety disorder plus im a week into quitting smoking and anxiety is peaking. With this meditation im kicking its butt. Mike Oxbig

Thanks! My husband and I meditated the whole 15 min. for the first time together… Thank you! thebensonfamily

Thank you so very much for this. Peace be with you brother

This video helped me identify where most of my tension was(back and stomach) and helped me really relax to the point where I felt sleepy. Thank You! P.S. Nice voice! creationthoughthough

Have used this video twice now, thanks so much!! I have been suffering with dizzy spells, headaches, short temperedness and genral concentration probs, that have all been put down to stress by my doctor. After just two days of using this my symptoms have more than halved!!
thanks again!!

Am looking forward to trying this tonight. Really like your voice, have bit of trouble with some of the american accents on some others I’ve found. Thanks.

Great calming video, just what i needed to get into my deep meditation! many thanks peace love and compassion to you all.
Vista RE

I was listening to this while and talking to my fiance and though my eyes weren’t closed, i still felt relaxed and my back wasn’t bothering me as much. the music calmed my fast paced mind and i was able to just…..let it go 🙂

This really helps me to wind down at night.

Man that was pretty awesome.

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