A place of great peace, joy, hope & action

Across the world there are many locations that we can visit to bring a little peace into our lives. Some are frequented by thousands of visitors each day and others are secret havens of tranquility.

Over the past few weeks I have been residing in a village around 10k outside the holy city of Amritsar.

Each day I commute into the city and during part of my day I visit the Golden Temple. The most frequented location for visitors in India surpassing the Taj-Mahal. It dawns on you why as soon as you enter this oasis.

My first experience was one of indescribable hope and joy.

After several visits I contemplated what it was that gave me and millions of others such a special experience.

The design is masterful – with a vast lake in the centre giving an immediate taste of peace and space amidst the thousands of pilgrims. Although there are throngs of devotees you never feel trapped or crowded. There is a continuous recitation of sacred scriptures from inside the temple in the middle of the lake accompanied by harmonium and tab-la. Immaculately clean – made possible by those who have offered freely their services. All of these factors bring an air of peace and spirituality, but there’s something else…

When we arrive at a historical religious building sometimes we have a special feeling depending on our faith/inclination, sometimes nothing just perhaps an impression of the architecture.

The Golden Temple offers the grandeur, the building, the history but also a living breathing heart that inspires one to change and develop. Not necessarily through following a philosophy or faith, but by an opening of the heart.

This is revealed to the visitor by the extensive service that is visible taking place.

The temple has a community kitchen that offers food continuously through the day and evening. Everyone regardless of class sits on the floor and eats – no charge.

Food prepared and served by volunteers – it works so smoothly and beautifully. Picture a group of volunteers squatted on the floor around a mountain of garlic (enough for 100,000 curries) just quietly peeling and preparing the curry paste.

Such a vast practical action of a faith is an inspiration to behold and leaves you naturally with the thought:

What can I do to contribute?

What can I do to bring peace into this world?

Places of great peace, joy, hope & action are created by minds coming together to benefit.

Recognizing gently in Meditation that our environment is created by what is taking place in the mind gives the confidence to create this experience – an oasis of peace – wherever we are…

A true spiritual location must give the visitor the confidence that they can transform their existence, transcend dogma & realize the full potential within.

The holiest religious destination rests deep within our mind – places of worship are simply reminders that there is hope.

Article written by Adam Dacey

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