The classic toy of the Baby Boomers turn upside down, one shake and your screen was cleared

Our mind needs this if we really want to penetrate into a regular life changing meditation practice and clear away those doubts, excuses and misconceptions.

I know many people reading these articles and following us online have the resolution to Meditate at some point…but there is a delay, distractions take over and Meditation goes down the list of priorities.

You need to start now!

Stop reading this – sit in your chair and focus on your breathing for 10 seconds….

Feels good eh?

The world didn’t stop while you took time out.

The etch a sketch is such a cool toy – one shake and you’ve cleared the screen.

We need to shake our mind up – only we can do this for ourselves.

Clear away all those excuses and reasons not to Meditate

No amount of motivational coaching will get us onto our butt and let go of the busyness.

Stop doing stuff, clear the mind and just sit there.

Clearing the mind, creating peace and calm sounds like such a good idea for something in the future

I have not time
I am too busy
I’ll do it when I retire.
When I go on holiday
Over the Christmas break
When I go on retreat
When the kids have left home
When I can convince my partner to Meditate……

etc etc

We need to turn our mind upside down give it a good /shake wake up and start Meditating now!

How do we do this – get out the whip and start lashing our self?
Start taking daily cold showers and eating mung beans for breakfast

Uhm not really just start – get over the excuses sit down and gently practice.

Once you start practicing correctly & consistently it will be difficult to stop…

Start Meditating today here.
A Simple Meditation in 5 minutes

Sign up for the 2013 Meditation Challenge here.

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